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What Makes Us Different

Scope of Services

Renewal/ Marketing

PBG’s large group timeline requires meeting/conversations with clients to discuss renewal strategy during the 3rd quarter of contract. At about 120 days prior to annual renewal. Within these conversations, utilization reports and carrier analytics are presented, examined and in most cases leveraged. Based on dialogue, budgeting, carrier incentives and other factors unique to each employer; a strategy then is put in play.


Our professional relationship in our 20 years of operation have allowed PBG and our members to be considered “Preferred Partners” with every carrier within our portfolio of insurance and benefits providers.

Claims and Financial Analytics

Quarterly meetings are held, in addition to annual open enrollment meetings and wellness/mindfulness events. The primary focus of these meetings is for Account Representative and the employer team to go over claims data, compliance issues,billing or claims reconciliations, wellness event prep, etc.. Renewal strategy, company budgets and other priorities are reviewed.

Compliance & Legal Services

  • Legal Support:
    Access to our ERISA attorney. She acts on our behalf and assists our clients with answers to benefits related questions and issues.
    On-site Health Care Reform (ACA) specialist with knowledge on HR laws and regulations.
  • Compliance:
    Ensuring all plans and deductions for health related benefits are compliant under the laws of the ACA.
    Provide information on legislative on legislative updates and changes within the ACA.
    Document Retention – We comply with all state and federal laws; in addition PBG keeps all documents electronically utilizing guidelines specified under HIPPA Security Standards; PBG also has all client files micro-published and stored offsite with a 3rd party vendor, who is a client!

Employee Communication

  • All enrollment materials are supplied for by PBG. Customizable in any language.
  • All applications and enrollments summaries are customized to the client.
  • Customized web portals, email blasts and direct one and one meetings for individual enrollments are always available – and always at no charge!

Implementation & Instalation

Final Decision meeting.
Open enrollment strategy and timeline.

  • Live meetings.
  • Webinar.
  • One on one enrollments utilizing the highest technology and direct carrier feeds (EDI).
  • Ensuring ID cards are in member’s hand prior to effective date (preferred by 15th of prior month).
  • Portal testing and EDI confirmation.
  • Wellness initiatives are planned.
  • Set up of voluntary benefits.
  • Deductible rollover paperwork, COBRA member transitions and all other.
  • Dependent audits.

Other Services

  • Ongoing claim adjudication – Account manager’s all have established relationships with carrier service teams. These long standing work relationships allows for the expediting of issues along with a direct channel to upper management as escalation is needed.
  • Dedicated in-house service rep for employees to contact regarding any issue.
  • Billing reconciliation.
  • Claim Disputes – every client of PBG is assigned an in house account manager who is connected to a dedicated team at each of our carrier partners; this allows for expedited assistance when needed.
  • Free Benefit Technology
  • Executive and Individual strategies, key man insurance, disability and long term care policies.

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