Do I need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an essential part of your financial planning strategy.

Do I need Life Insurance? If so, how much?

Life insurance is not a fun topic to discuss but it is an essential one to have. It is a very important conversation to have if you are a business owner, a married couple are married and planning on starting a family or already have the family and need more life insurance.

If you are unsure of the amount of life insurance needed, ask yourself:

– If I were to pass away today, how much do I need to keep my family in our home?

Consider the amount owed on your mortgage or what the cost would be to maintain those payments until loan maturity.

– What about the education of my children?

Consider current cost through graduation and then college. Don’t forget to add in inflation.

– Do you have a plan for your business?

As a business owner, you need to have a financial and succession plan in place in the event of a loss of a partner or key man.

Do your employees have life insurance?

As an employer for less then your monthly dry cleaning bill you could provide life insurance for all of your staff. They could even buy it themselves under a group contract with little or NO underwriting.

Now that you know you need life insurance the bigger question is:

Where should I buy life insurance?

At Pearl Benefits Group we understand the importance of having a trusted advisor who represents YOU and NOT the carriers. We are sensitive to our client’s needs and ensure they come first.

For a comprehensive life insurance quote for yourself, your business partner or your entire staff call Pearl Benefits Group and dare to be greater!

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