Plan Your Dive. Dive Your Plan

Employee Benefits & Group Insurance

This “first commandment of successful scuba diving” mirrors the approach to our business solutions

Get the best information about current conditions and trends; set ambitious but achievable goals; develop a plan to safely go from one step to the next to achieve those goals; get the best technologies available to assist you; prepare for the unexpected, and rely on extensive training and experience to avoid problems before they happen.

Consulting Plan

Plan Your Dive: Consulting

No matter the size of your business, your insurance and benefits programs are constantly in need of vigilant guidance to keep pace with changes to staff, legislation, new provisions in existing plans, and other factors that impact your coverage and benefits programs.

Pearl Benefits Group, Inc. will consult with you about everything that might impact your benefits selection and decisions. As one of the most sought-after retention factors known in today’s employment market, benefits that directly address the needs of your employees can sometimes spell the difference between success or failure when it comes to hiring, retention, and ultimately your business. Pearl Benefits Group, Inc.’s Circle of Service will be there for you now and in the future.

Buy-Sell Plans, Family Partnerships, and other executive solutions are also part of Pearl Benefits Group’s Circle of Service expertise, so you and your family or business will continue if adversity strikes.

Enrollment and Administration

Dive Your Plan: Enrollment & Administration

Once your program is in place, Pearl Benefits Group, Inc.’s trained professionals will get into full swing with the implementation of your benefits or insurance programs.

While reducing your exposure to benefit communication liabilities, Pearl Benefits Group, Inc.’s enrollment specialists get your program communications out to all employees; we come back throughout the year to do so for new hires, new provisions, and other important program communications.

Your HR staff will be integral to the programs that Pearl Benefits Group, Inc. will design for your company during the preparation, implementation, and administration of your benefits programs. We will help make sure everything in your program is in place, properly functioning, and in complete compliance with governing federal and state laws. From billing reconciliation to claims administration, HIPAA to COBRA, Pearl Benefits Group, Inc. has you covered!

One other advantage to doing business with us: depending on your situation, our fees range from minimal to zero. Ask Us How!

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