Millennials comprise the largest share of the workforce

Did you know that millennials comprise the largest share of the workforce?
This according to a study published by the the Pew Research Center.  This fact has employers hustling to keep up with the short attention spans of this workforce. Approximately 85% of millennials are sleeping with their mobile device or right next to them on the night stand.  There is no shortage of attention grabbing competition for their time, and the billion dollar wellness craze is becoming the cultural norm in the workplace environment.
A fully rounded wellness platform will include intellectual coaching such as occupational, spiritual, emotional, physical and social arenas.  It takes most of these aspects to be a productive employee – as well as leader.
In 2017, Fortune rated Florida IT company Ultimate Software the best place to work for millennials. Perks such as massage, acupuncture and meditation are daily.
For some companies wellness means you can bring your dog to work on production days without meetings.
“I’ve seen first hand how our employees here at Pearl Benefits Group get an emotional boost from having their dogs around them and that leads to a boost in productivity”
said Jay Abramowitz of Pearl Benefits Group – an Employee Benefits and Wellness firm in Miami Beach, Florida.
Jay knows the benefits are far greater then just a massage or yoga class.  “I think there is the issue of competition; they want to work for a business that cares about them.  And wellness programs can reduce health care costs”.  It’s a win-win says Abramowitz.  “It shows them you do in fact care about them and it also saves money.”

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