Financial Insurance Services

We offer you financial products and services that are focused and flexible for individuals as well as company benefit programs.

Financial protection is at the core of having health coverage.

Financial protection is achieved when direct payments are made to obtain health services. Medical services have the ability to expose people to financial hardship. Having medical insurance, supplemental insurance such as GAP protection helps protect them from the threat to their living standards.

Out of pocket payments for health can cause households to incur catastrophic costs. Supplemental coverages (AFLAC, Colonial Life and others) offer financial protections from these out of pocket costs.

Life insurance is a key component of American’s ability to have control of the financial futures of their families. Disability insurance also allows for protection from the unforeseen. Long Term care insurance allows for further protections from the illnesses that follow us into our retirement (and sometimes sooner).

IRA’s – an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a type of savings account that is designed to help you save for retirement and offers many tax advantages. There are two different types of IRAs: Traditional and Roth IRAs.

Traditional IRA – an individual retirement account (IRA) allows individuals to direct
pretax income towards investments that can grow tax-deferred; no capital gains or dividend income is taxed until it is withdrawn.

Roth IRA – an individual retirement account allowing a person to set aside after-tax
income up to a specified amount each year. Both earnings on the account and withdrawals after age 59½ are tax-free.

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